An overview of how animation works, and tips to get you started with it.

Sequence generation in Fractorium

While EmberGenome can be used to generate an animation sequence, it’s much better to do it using the Library tab in Fractorium. This article covers tips and tricks for getting the most out of your animation efforts. Preview scrolling Scrolling up and down the sequence thumbnail tree is a great way to see exactly what […]


EmberAnimate takes a sequence generated from EmberGenome or Fractorium as its input and outputs the frames of the animation as individual images. These can be fed into an external video rendering program to produce the final animation video. Many of the options in EmberAnimate are the same as in EmberRender, so some of this documentation may appear redundant. […]

Animation overview

Animation is a multi-step process that can be done using Fractorium or the command line tools. It is the most complex portion of the program so you can safely ignore this portion if you are only interested in creating still images. The major steps for creating an animation are: Create a few flames and place them in a […]