This release is the first in two years and adds a few small features and fixes some bugs.

In addition to that, we’ve upgraded to Qt 6.5.1 which means you need to reload your stylesheets for things to look correct.

As always, a big thanks to Michel Mastriani (@triptychaos) of Brazil for helping with the Mac and Linux installers.

Also, thanks to the various contributors on Bitbucket who submitted pull requests.

–User changes

-Add Clear Sequence button to the Sequence Panel.

-Add animation preview in the sequence generator output pane.

-Add two new options --width and --height to EmberRender and EmberAnimate to allow the user to specify absolute dimensions to render the image at.

-Add a new option to EmberAnimate --ignore-existing which makes it skip rendering a frame if the files from all of the requested extensions for that frame already exist.

-Add new preset dimensions to the right click menu of the width and height fields in the editor.

-Make various fields in the Options window be resettable via double click.

-Fix various bugs in stylesheets to get them working properly on Windows and Linux with Qt6.

–Change QSS stylesheets to properly handle tabs.

–Make tabs rectangular by default. For some reason, they had always been triangular.

–Set default style to Fusion.

-Change installer to install to program files for all users.

–Bug fixes

-Handle forward slashes better in file output paths.

-Start and end tags were not properly included in the final render backup file output.

-Numbering of rendered files was wrong.

-Truchet_hex_fill was not compiling with some newer Nvidia drivers.

-Contrast was too sensitive.

-Incremental rendering times in the editor were wrong.

-Sizing of vertical header on the xaos visualization table on Linux was wrong.

-Options window layout was completely broken.

-Error when saving screen on macOS at first time.

-Center progress bars on Linux.

On Windows, we have always installed to the Program Data folder due to a misunderstanding I had about the installer when I first made it around 2013. I now understand what I did wrong, so I have changed it to install to the standard Program Files folder. Settings, custom stylesheets and last.flame will still be saved to the Program Data folder.