Command Line

Detailed information on the command line tools. Sample command lines are provided which you can paste into your shell.

Configuring Powershell in Windows Terminal

Microsoft has released a new program called Windows Terminal which provides updated functionality for command line users. It is only for Windows 10 and can be downloaded from the Windows Store. It allows for having multiple tabs open in a single window, each with a console inside of it. The tabs can run different console […]


EmberGenome is for generating flames from scratch as well as from other existing flames. Out of the three command line programs, it’s the most complex due to the number of options. The options differ from the other programs in that rather than governing how the program performs its given task, they exist in groups which instruct […]


EmberAnimate takes a sequence generated from EmberGenome or Fractorium as its input and outputs the frames of the animation as individual images. These can be fed into an external video rendering program to produce the final animation video. Many of the options in EmberAnimate are the same as in EmberRender, so some of this documentation may appear redundant. […]


EmberRender takes a single file as input and renders a single output image for each flame contained within it. First, create a flame in Fractorium and save it to disk. The location of this file will be referred to as C:\yourflames\test.flame in this article, so replace it with the actual path to your data.

Command line overview

While most users will find the Fractorium UI sufficient for their needs, more advanced users may want to dip into the command line programs to explore features not available in Fractorium. The installer comes with three command line executables that are placed in the same folder as Fractorium. All three run in double precision mode by […]