Palettes are stored in an Xml file and Fractorium comes with a default one named flam3-palettes.xml. This file has 700 palettes in it and should be sufficient for most users’ needs. If you would like to add more palettes, you can copy them to the program installation folder (or ~/.config/fractorium on Linux). The next time you run Fractorium, you will see them added to the palettes combo box. Here is an example of adding the same file a few times just for the sake of demonstration:


Once a ¬†flame is saved, the palette information is embedded in it, so it’s not dependent on the original palette file in any way.

Fractorium also offers adjustments that can be made to any individual palette. This adjustment only applies to the palette used in the current flame and does not get saved back to the original palette file. Having 700 palettes available combined with several adjustment fields makes the combinations nearly limitless, so it’s unlikely you’d ever need more palette files.