Welcome to Fractorium.com, hopefully your stay is enjoyable. This article gives an overview of how to use the different sections of this site.

Download links are always above the search box and reflect the most recent release of the program.

The menu across the top is for helping you get started, and for providing background information on how the program works. It ranges from a higher level for new users, to a detailed user’s guide, to an in depth discussion of the algorithm and developer information. Peruse the part that is appropriate for your experience and interest level. If this is your first time here, start with the Overview.

While reference information is good, as time has gone on in the computing industry, it’s become clear that it’s not particularly useful at helping you get things done. Instead, how-to style articles are much more helpful. Think Stack Overflow vs MSDN and which one you turn to when you need immediate help. The two types of information are broken up on this site in the following way:

Menu items are considered “pages” of reference material and provide a theoretical background as well as a detailed description of every part of the program.

The links to information on the front page are considered “articles”. These will give step by step how-to instructions on accomplishing common tasks, as well as exploring other more advanced topics.

Regardless of where the information you’re seeking resides, you can always search for it in the search box on the main page and it will provide a list of all pages and articles which contain the search terms.

The content of this site is a work in progress so you may notice parts of it changing over time. If you spot any errors, or have suggestions for improvement, feel free to contact me.