Fractal flame animations take a long time to render. A two hour high quality HD video can take weeks on a very powerful system. At the time this project was started, there were no GPU implementations available that could render an animation stably, as well as give outputs close to what flam3 produces, complete with filtering and motion blurring.

Using EmberCL in Fractorium and EmberAnimate, this is now possible.

However, pre-rendered fractal flames animations are still cumbersome to make because they involve writing custom scripts to call command line programs. One of the original aimsĀ of this project was to allow for real-time rendering of animations. Sadly, other work became so time consuming that a stand-alone animator/visualizer was never implemented and likely won’t ever be.

If one were to undertake such an effort, it would require re-designing some of the existing code specifically for real-time. This would take the form of either new derived classes, or a newly forked codebase altogether.

In addition to real-time animations, this project intendedĀ to make an animation editor similar to Chaotica and JWildfire. This too was never realized and only a very primitive sequence generator was implemented on the Library tab. If it ever were to be worked on, it would start with a new way to define animations similar to what the cuburn project proposed. This would break most backward compatibility.