Revert to the previous edit. The undo list is updated upon completion of the rendering process, when not traversing the undo list.

Note, the mouse button must be released before completion of the render for the undo list to be updated. If the mouse is down, the flame will not be added to the undo list. This is to prevent too many intermediate renders from being added to the undo list when dragging the mouse.

If an edit is made while traversing the list, the list is cleared.

When using the GPU, sometimes the preview render can finish before the mouse is up, which will prevent the change from getting added to the undo list. A workaround is to increase the preview quality so it takes a little longer to render each edit, which will give the mouse enough time unclick.


If traversing the undo list, move forward to the next edit.

Copy xml

Copy the current flame as an Xml to the clipboard.

Copy all xmls

Copy all flames in the currently opened file as Xmls to the clipboard.

Paste xml append

Paste the current clipboard text as a flame(s) appended to the list of currently opened flames.

Paste xml over

Paste the current clipboard text over the list of currently opened flames. This will clear whatever is currently open.

Copy selected xforms

Copy all selected xforms in the current flame to the clipboard. The selected xforms are all of those checked in the Select tab plus/including the current one.

Paste selected xforms

Paste the copied xforms from the clipboard into the current flame. This is a useful way to move xforms from one flame to another.

Copy kernel

Copy the OpenCL iteration kernel source to the clipboard. This is only enabled when using OpenCL in the interactive renderer, and is mostly of engineering interest.

This can be useful if you are unsure what the exact computation is that a particular variation is performing. By inspecting the code, you can see what it’s doing.