Bounds & Log

This area displays information that is only useful as an engineering interest, or in the event something went wrong. It is likely the most seldom used part of the program.

Histogram bounds

When the histogram is allocated before starting a render, it does not have the exact dimensions the user requested. Instead, it is slightly larger to allow for filter padding around the edges. The box displayed here helps the user understand the relationship between the Cartesian space the histogram represents and the dimensions of the memory allocated for it.

The corners going clockwise from the top left correspond to the bounds of the Cartesian space the histogram represents. They are upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left.

The values in the middle horizontal box represent the height and width of the histogram in memory.

Note that the density filtering buffer also has these exact dimensions.

File opening

If there were any warnings or errors opening a file, the details will be displayed here.


If there were any problems creating a renderer, or finishing the rendering process, the details will be displayed here.

If you reliably see errors under reproducible circumstances in either of these text boxes, please file a bug report immediately.